Reading List

Recommended Reading:

Training Camp – What The Best Do Better Than Everyone Else


Training Camp is a great read for any leader, young or old—whether a coach, teacher, pastor, or CEO. Jon brings alive the key principles of the best of the best through the inspiring story of Martin Jones—a story built on the foundation of hope, hard work, and determination woven together to create excellence. Coaches, bosses, teachers, and leaders will find this book incredibly powerful and a great source of adrenaline for those they lead. It will inspire you to inspire others and to strive for excellence every day.


The Four Hour Body


Based on more than a decade of research, the collective wisdom of hundreds of elite athletes and medical doctors, as well as thousands of hours of jaw-dropping personal experimentation, Ferriss has finally perfected the way to rapid body transformation with minimal effort and maximum results.

 The Dark Side of Fat Loss


The Dark Side provides for you a complete code of conduct for health living and nutrition so that you can be the healthiest, fittest version of yourself; free of excess fat, depression, anxiety, sweet cravings, sleep issues, low libido, and the signs and symptoms of common degenerative diseases. The Dark Side is the place where health renegades from all parts of the world come to convene. It is where scientists, researchers, authors, and health enthusiasts gather beyond the purview of the all seeing corporate eye. It’s where notes are compared, theories are tested, findings are shared, and ideas are refined so that the best health information will be available for the greater good.