Uncommon Tip to Boost Your Motivation

Motivation can be split into two categories: Motivation to work towards something, and motivation to run away from something. Now whenever someone would ask me what my motivation was, I’d list all the benefits of achieving that goal. And while that is a very powerful and essential part of goal-setting I’d argue that it’s not the most effective of the two.

The Science

A study was conducted by economists at New York University to find out why people Don't question the scienceoverbid at auctions. To test this two groups were set up. One was given $15 and told that they would be taken back if they lost the auction. The other group was told that they would be given $15 if they won the auction. So both groups had the same potential reward but guess which group won the most auctions. Continue reading

Increase Fat-Loss by 275% Using the Minimal Effective Dose

Life is overwhelming at times. This can be attributed almost completely to ourselves – we either choose to make matters complicated or lack the knowledge to simplify. But never the less it gets in the way of amazing progress and frequently keeps you from reaching your goals. A massive, well planned diet and fitness regime may look perfect on paper but will likely yield very little results if not followed.80-20 Principle

This is the nature of the beast that makes up human nature: you aren’t a logical machine that eats pity for breakfast and spits out results at dinner. No, you are imperfect and you need to rig the game to win it. That means doing everything in your power to change externalities so that you can and will comply with your plan, and eventually reach your goals.

Increasing Fat-Loss

Tim Ferriss has many methods for doing this – in fact it is this very concept that has made him so successful. One of them is the idea of the Minimal Effective Dose, or MED for short. He used this method to increase his dad’s fat-loss by 275% (from 5lbs fat-loss per month to 18.75lbs). That is impressive by any account, and if you want to replicate it, here’s the MED: Eat 30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking up in the morning. E.g. Cook three eggs (I recommend scrambled), make a protein shake, or a smoothie, and consume it within 30 minutes of awakening. If you want more of Ferriss’s incredible MED’s I recommend you check out his book. In fact I recommend you check it out regardless, as it is an amazing read – you can see my review here.

Key Principle

“Do as little as needed, not as much as possible” – Henk Kraaijenhof

This idea of setting yourself up for success by realising your limits and understanding the key driving forces behind what you’re trying to do can catapult a heap of success. The take-home message is: Find out what small action yields the most results (much like the 80/20 principle) and implement this in a way that you can handle.

So whether your goal is to increase fat-loss or learn to speed read the principle is the same: find out what the Minimal Effective Dose is and administer it accordingly.

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Thank God It’s Monday!

TGIF – or Thank God It’s Friday – is an all too common expression. Living for the weekend would seem like the most irrational way of life for anyone who cared to think about it. Yet it’s what most of us do. We do things that we don’t like, and that often times don’t even serve us, for 5-6 out of 7 days a week. And then for 1-2 days we blow off some steam and do stuff that doesn’t necessarily serve us but allows us to escape the rest of our misery. This is put in its simplest and most melodramatic terms but if you just sit and think about it isn’t this the way you live? If it is, let’s change it!

BE THANKFUL! You’re alive, you’re free to choose what you want to do. Is your body in your way; it’s remarkably easy to change. Are your finances in your way; you’d be amazed at how cheaply you can get by if you let go of your old habits of luxury. Are people in your way; get rid of them (not in a hit-man kind of way). Just get moving and seize the day! Continue reading

Half-Way New Year’s Resolution Motivation

We’re in the 6th month of 2013. That means we’re all, hopefully, halfway done with our New Year’s Resolutions. But before we get into it let’s just stop for a moment and ask ourselves if we’re actually still on track, or if we’ve even given up. Statistically speaking 54% of people have given up by now. So if you are still going along with your plan; congratulations, you are in the top half of the human population when it comes to goal-setting, and likely in other areas as well.

Half-way there


But what if you’re in the other half, do you just wait another six months and try again? I suggest you don’t. I think you try again right now.

“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb

However, still being on the bandwagon doesn’t make you exempt from needing a little motivation once in a while. Continue reading

5 Great Ways To Motivate Yourself To Exercise

Today’s post is a guest post by Zara Blake from Manchester. Enter Zara:

Exercise plays a major role in living a healthy lifestyle. Engaging in exercise on a regular basis can combat health problems such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. You may find it difficult to exercise and maintain a fitness routine on a regular basis. Here are five of the most effective motivational strategies you can use to keep up with a consistent fitness regimen.
Start Slowly

Setting the bar too high in the beginning can quickly derail your progress. You should set smaller goals in the beginning stages in order to establish solid exercise habits. As exercise becomes more commonplace in your everyday life, you can begin to build upon these goals and workout for longer periods of time.

Find an Exercise Partner

Having someone to exercise with can definitely help keep you motivated. Exercising with a partner often creates a sense of teamwork and fun. You can also hold each other accountable for staying on a regular exercise schedule. You may even wish to engage in fitness challenges and compete against each other in a friendly manner.

Track Progress

Keeping a record of your progress can inspire you to stay on your exercise program. Tracking your progress can be done online or by writing in a personal journal. You may wish to record things such as your current weight and the types of exercises you perform along with the number of repetitions. Seeing the positive results unfold before your eyes will likely provide an extra bit of motivation and make you even more determined to reach your fitness goals.

Reward yourself

Another great way to motivate yourself to exercise is to set fitness goals and reward yourself when you have reached a certain milestone. Rewards may include things like shopping trips or visits to local attractions. You may even consider rewarding yourself with a small treat or meal that is normally considered off-limits.

Take Advantage of Additional Resources

In addition to just exercising, you may also wish to subscribe to fitness magazines and read helpful articles online as a means of staying motivated. These resources often provide workout tips as well as news on the latest fitness routines to try. Many online resources also include helpful videos and message boards full of advice from others who are making exercise a top priority in their lives.

It is not difficult to find the right motivation to exercise. Using the proper motivational tools can help you establish a consistent fitness regimen for life!

About the Author:

This guest post is contributed by Zara, a Guest blogger from UK. She has written many articles on health, nutrition and finance. Apart from blogging she does research on ppi claims . Catch her @financeport

Just Do It!

One of my biggest fears is becoming paralysed; the thought of my body not obeying the commands of my brain and the feeling of being trapped in, what used to be, one’s tool of expression in this world. I suspect I share this fear with a great bunch of people, yet myself and a lot of other people tend to paralyse ourselves willingly. Of course not in a physical way, although that can be the outcome, but in a mental way.Paraplegic

I am of course talking about paralysis by analysis. This is the curse of the intelligent. Able people who, with the best of intentions, seek to find the perfect solution. In a fitness setting this would be people who spend years looking for that perfect programme. Here’s what my friend Sean Croxton would call a truth bomb: No such thing exists!

There is no perfect programme and if there were there is no way of finding it by analysing all day and all night. The only way to see results and to progress is by actually just doing it. Finding one programme and following it. It’s that simple. Note though that simplicity doesn’t mean it’s easy.

To further relate this paralysis by analysis to a current issue we can use my new year’s resolution as an example. I want to improve my reading speed and I’ve set a very simple plan: Read every day for the first five months, then follow a speed reading course. I’m sure that if I spent a long time analysing it I could find a slightly more optimal plan. But at the end of the day I’m making more progress than the person with the perfect plan because I’m actually doing it, I’m taking action.Paralysis by analysis

So please remember to step back once in a while and consider whether or not you’re paralysed by analysis, and if you are take some freaking action! The timing is never going to be perfect, there’s always going to be a slightly better way but when faced with doing nothing and doing something – doing something will always bring more results.

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Limiting Beliefs – Your Own Self Sabotage

“You’re grades will fall when you get to high school”. Those were the words my beloved grand father repeatedly said to me the summer before I started. My response: “No they won’t”, and they didn’t – in fact they improved. This is a perfect example of the power of beliefs, both limiting- and empowering beliefs.Limiting Beliefs

All people have limiting beliefs and I don’t think we can rid ourselves of them all (this in itself is a limiting belief!) but at least we can work to abolish the ones that serve us the least. I have seen limiting beliefs in play many times, and you probably have too if you think about it. The most obvious place is in the gym: here people’s ability to achieve certain goals are often determined by their beliefs. I used to believe that my genetics had sentenced me to a non-athletic body but upon changing that belief (by seeing inspirational transformations and learning about bodybuilding) I was able to change my behaviour and achieve my goal.

“Make sure your own worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears.” – Laird Hamilton

It can take some time to realise how big an impact limiting beliefs actually have on us but once you realise it you will be very careful about the words you choose to use and the thoughts you allow yourself to think. I very rarely use the phrase “I can’t” – it is the most dis-empowering phrase in any language. You may think that I’m unrealistic in my beliefs, but honestly what is the point of being realistic if it is going to keep you from your goals?

The video below tells the story of a man who was told by doctors –  the representatives of science, the people who are trusted more than god or any other power – that he would never be able Continue reading