My Transformation

About one year ago I started taking my training seriously, I became really motivated, I set my goals and I came through. This is the story of my transformation:

I had been working out casually from home for a little while, not really seeing any results and not putting in the effort I knew I needed to. It didn’t bother me all that much so it was a total coincidence that I became a subscriber to an online fitness newsletter. Being a subscriber to that newsletter taught me some basic things about fitness and showed me the amazing results one could achieve. I was starting to become more excited and when I was introduced to a well-known fitness guru through the newsletter I subscribed to his newsletter and later bought his program.

His program included everything I needed from the precise amount of seconds I needed to lift the weights to motivational “how to”. This was what I needed; a program which didn’t require any thinking and was able to motivate me, or teach me how to motivate myself.

In my journey towards a better body I not only created a fit and healthy body but I also undertook a mental transformation. Teaching me discipline, mental toughness, confidence and passion. Believe it or not, what I cherish the most about my transformation is the mental development.

This transformation is what has taught me most about motivation and it’s the lessons learned throughout my journey that I will share with you in this blog.

The fitness guru who helped me on in my transformation was Vince Delmonte. He’s now a friend of mine and I continue to learn from him in his advanced monthly program, MYM. Vince is a great guy and I fully trust him and follow his advice, and in return I get a healthy body. Vince has quite a few programs; the main ones being “Your Six Pack Quest” which is for fat loss, and “No Nonsense Muscle Building” which is for muscle-building. I used his No Nonsense Muscle Building and think it’s a fantastic program for anyone wishing to become strong and healthy.

Note that if you purchase through the links above I get a small commission from Vince (you still pay the same). I would really appreciate you using those links to support this blog.

Now to the juicy part:

Before After
Weight (kg) 68.7 82
Body Fat 13% 6%
Chest (cm) 91 101
Shoulders (cm) 106 122
Biceps (cm) 32 36
Thighs (cm) 51 58


15 thoughts on “My Transformation

  1. Well done man, got ya link from vince forum. I’m just getting start with vince program, my situation was quite similar to yours, and i’m in love with kickboxing as well, been training for kickboxing for few months , wondering is it really a conflict between weight training and kickboxing ? Can’t really have both ? Would be great if you could advice me =D.
    Anyway, wondering you reckon YSPQ or NNMB better ?


    • Thanks Joel :)
      Well it all depends on how well you recover, how hard your workouts are etc. But when I was doing the beginner phase I still did kickboxing and that was when I made most of my gains. It was great because it allowed me to keep my strength and shed fat at the same time.
      When I did the advanced phase, however, Vince said that one short cardio session a week was all that was allowed so I had to do kickboxing only once a week.

      I reckon you should experiment with how much kickboxing you can do besides your weight training.

      If you’re my age I reckon you should do NNMB for sure! This is the best time to build muscle and with kickboxing you can’t get fat, almost.

  2. Nah, wish i’m still 16 ; ) . I’m 22 and just bought the YSPQ week ago, so you reckon i should put YSPQ aside first and go for NNMB for now ? Ye i reckon kickboxing burn fat really fast, my weight reduced by 6kgs in 2 weeks when i first begin kickboxing lol.
    Anyway, really looking forward to be like you =X.

    • Thanks :)
      Well 22 is still young so I would still say NNMB. It of course also depends on your own goals and your BF%. If you have like 18% bf then you won’t be able to see any definition in the muscles…
      If you’re just average skinny then use the NNMB to bulk and then (if you need to) use the YSPQ :)
      Good luck on your journey :P

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    • Thank you Liemng!
      My current goal is one of finding more balance in my body whilst maintaining the figure. Therefore I’m doing lots of yoga and still working out. I don’t want to compete, since that would force me to change my goal from one of overall well-being to one of purely figure.

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