About Me

Christian Rosenvold

My name is Christian Rosenvold. I’m a 20 year old guy from Copenhagen, Denmark. My main interests and activities include: fitness, surfing, kickboxing, snowboarding, business and psychology.

Throughout my life I’ve lived in and travelled to many different countries which has meant that I’ve had to deal with situations that have drastically changed how I view the world and, some say, have matured me. A few years ago I started working out and my journey in the lifestyle as a bodybuilder has meant that I’ve learned a great deal about motivation and mental processes in achieving one’s goals.

My experience with self-motivation comes from the trenches but having a coach as a mother means that I’ve also been influenced with some basic theories of motivation which I of course try to combine with my own personal experience.

I’m still young and I still have lots to learn but I feel that I know a thing or two that might help others achieve their fitness goals and that’s why I’ll teach my motivational techniques through this blog.