Increase Fat-Loss by 275% Using the Minimal Effective Dose

Life is overwhelming at times. This can be attributed almost completely to ourselves – we either choose to make matters complicated or lack the knowledge to simplify. But never the less it gets in the way of amazing progress and frequently keeps you from reaching your goals. A massive, well planned diet and fitness regime may look perfect on paper but will likely yield very little results if not followed.80-20 Principle

This is the nature of the beast that makes up human nature: you aren’t a logical machine that eats pity for breakfast and spits out results at dinner. No, you are imperfect and you need to rig the game to win it. That means doing everything in your power to change externalities so that you can and will comply with your plan, and eventually reach your goals.

Increasing Fat-Loss

Tim Ferriss has many methods for doing this – in fact it is this very concept that has made him so successful. One of them is the idea of the Minimal Effective Dose, or MED for short. He used this method to increase his dad’s fat-loss by 275% (from 5lbs fat-loss per month to 18.75lbs). That is impressive by any account, and if you want to replicate it, here’s the MED: Eat 30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking up in the morning. E.g. Cook three eggs (I recommend scrambled), make a protein shake, or a smoothie, and consume it within 30 minutes of awakening. If you want more of Ferriss’s incredible MED’s I recommend you check out his book. In fact I recommend you check it out regardless, as it is an amazing read – you can see my review here.

Key Principle

“Do as little as needed, not as much as possible” – Henk Kraaijenhof

This idea of setting yourself up for success by realising your limits and understanding the key driving forces behind what you’re trying to do can catapult a heap of success. The take-home message is: Find out what small action yields the most results (much like the 80/20 principle) and implement this in a way that you can handle.

So whether your goal is to increase fat-loss or learn to speed read the principle is the same: find out what the Minimal Effective Dose is and administer it accordingly.

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