Speed Reading New Year’s Resolution

The other day I turned a page of the book I’m reading and was so excited to see the number “1001” in the upper right hand corner – it had taken me close to half a year to read those 1,000 pages. You see I’m a busy guy – I work a lot, exercise, sleep a lot (and some times I waste a bit of time on facebook) – but I’m also not a very fast reader. Now it’s not because I don’t read a lot, I do, but it just doesn’t happen very fast. This year it’s all going to change. Below I will take you through my step by step process of setting a goal so you can see exactly how it’s done.

Goal: Improve reading speed! I will increase my reading speed from the current 207 WPM (91% comprehension) to 550 WPM (min. 86% comprehension) by the 10th of August 2013.Speed reading

Why: I want and need more time. My reasons for needing more time are the following:

  • I want to do well at my studies because I’m passionate about the subjects, and I need them to succeed in the future
  • I need time to maintain and improve my health (reduce stress, have time for exercise, have time for stretching)
  • I need spare time to spend with my girlfriend
  • I need to make up for study-time spent at work
  • I want to learn as much as possible – I love learning!

Obstacles: External obstacles that can get in my way include: visual impairment (conquered by contact lenses) and travelling for most of the period. Internal obstacles that can get in my way include: fear of loosing comprehension, boredom at the exercises, distractions/lack of discipline, sub-vocalisation and not practising.

Assistance: Speed reading courses will be used for a combination of personal assistance and textbook teaching. Aside from that there are the following forms of assistance: speed reading DVD, speed reading book, this article and this podcast.

Plan: In the period 01/01/13 – 17/05/13 I will read on a daily basis. The first week after that I will complete the above-mentioned course to increase my reading speed to 300 WPM. The week after that I will use the DVD to increase my reading speed to 450 WPM. Depending on the outcome I will choose one of the above methods to increase my reading speed to 550 WPM over the next month, or order a speed reading book or seminar. The last few weeks will be spent maintaining and perfecting the speed and comprehension.

Do it: All that’s left is to execute!

Now you see my method of setting goals and achieving my new year’s resolution of learning to speed read. I hope you understand how I utilised the step by step goal-setting method here to set myself up for success in 2013.

I hope you’ll do the same and join me in the 8% who achieve their new year’s resolutions – happy new year!

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Thank you for reading. Yours truly, Christian Rosenvold

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