Tap into a Greater Power

The best tap into a power greater than themselves.

This is by no means a religious blog but that doesn’t mean it’s not spiritual or accepting of the fact that we are not an all-knowing atheist society. Call it what you want; God, infinite intelligence or the universe, it doesn’t matter I firmly believe that there are powers greater than ourselves and if we want to be great then we must not be too proud to use these.

That doesn’t mean that we let all responsibility go, in fact it means quite the opposite. By now you already know that in our quest for greatness we have taken all responsibility upon ourselves, in doing so you have probably noticed that you have become a leader and that people look to you for guidance and support. This is wonderful, but at the end of the day we are just people and people can only cope with so much responsibility and burden. This is one of the two places in greatness where tapping into a greater power is important. We need to let some of that burden go, and pass it on to something greater (be it God, the universe or the holy janitor). Coach says it very well in the following passage:

“You let go. You surrender. You give all your pain and fear and anxiety and all your junk to God and you say ‘I can’t do it alone. I need you.’ You stop being a resistor and stop trying to do it all yourself. You allow the power behind all of this creation to move through you.”

That freedom and the “letting go” is so powerful that it allows you to resume responsibility and take action!

Furthermore Coach talks about having the power move through you. This may sound very weird but think about a time in your life when everything seemed very easy, when it felt like you were doing exactly what you were put on this earth to do. You had all the answers, and it seemed as if you were floating way up above everyone’s problems with a crystal clear view of all solutions. Now that experience, what you were doing in that period of your life is exactly what it means to be having that power flow through you.

Now if you haven’t had that experience yet then I encourage you to move on in your journey and trust that you will have it if you continue to develop yourself and pursue your goals.

I wish you luck in your pursuit, and advice you to remember not to be too proud to receive the support of a power greater than you. In order to achieve greatness you must let go of your pride and surrender yourself to that flow, only then can you truly perform an act worthy of pride.

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