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The Best Seize The Moment!

We always hear that we must seize the moment to be successful, to be happy and to be great. But what does it mean to seize the moment? How can we not be in the moment? It’s a difficult concept, which once broken down has many aspects, but Coach explains it well in the book.


“The best seize the moment because they don’t allow their fear of failure to define them. They know this fear exists, and they overcome it… Even if they lose, they are still on the path to greatness. And even if the fail, they are one step closer to the perfection they seek.”

Just like the last post talked about we must let go of our fear of failure and success, and simply allow ourselves to be and to do. The outcome is not always controllable but the input is, so we must accept our lack of control of the outcome/result in order to perform our best (input).


“Ironically, even though the best have a dream and a vision within their sights, it is the journey, not the destination, that matters most to them. The moment is more important than any success or failure. The moment is the success. The moment is the reward.”

Greg Anderson once said: “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” So let’s not get caught up in the success that lays ahead of us because if anything that will only derail us. That is not to say that the promise of the wonders ahead cannot be used as motivation when the going gets really tough. But rather to stress the fact that in order to be great we must perform for the love of performing an activity rather than for the outcome of it. I felt what Greg Anderson is speaking of very closely a few months ago. For three years I had been working my a** off in school (mostly because I loved the subjects; but for the sake of complete transparency the thought of good grades and the prospect of a good job in the future helped me at times). During the last few months I had to give it my absolute all and finish strong to achieve the results I wanted at the exams. I have to admit that I loved it, it was very hard at times, but looking back the stress and adrenaline fuelled my fire. But once the final exam was over and the spotlight had moved on I was left with a rather empty feeling. That is to say that you truly must do something you enjoy if you are to be great at it because the finishing of that activity/performance is not the greatest part, at all, of the process! Now this is not to say that I’m not happy about my performance, I most certainly am and I’m reaping the benefits of it now, but to show you that it truly is the journey that’s the most rewarding part. Don’t let the moment define you, rise to the occasion and seize the moment; squeeze every last drop out of it and enjoy the process! Remember to subscribe and share this with friends who might enjoy it! Post your comments and questions below and I’ll make sure to answer them! Thank you for reading. Yours truly, Christian Rosenvold

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