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The Best Zoom-Focus!

A famous basketball coach once started every season’s practice by teaching his players to tie their shoes. He realised that a basketball player can’t walk without tied shoes, if he can’t walk; he can’t run and if he can’t run then he can’t jump or score. You get the picture. What this coach did was take care of the fundamentals. He realised that it’s not the big fancy ale-up that wins the game: it’s every little pass and step, in other words the fundamentals.

“The recipe for success is not complicated. The art is in staying focused and being able to put the recipe together. It’s about practice and execution.” Coach Ken

Like Coach Ken said it’s about consistency and going for the long haul. Those little ordinary improvements that are made each day become giant leaps of greatness in the long run. I like to picture the scenes from the movies where the hero decides to make a change and you see lots of small clips of him running every morning etc. The movies got it right this time, this; i.e. practising the fundamentals, is what’s necessary. I think we got it wrong though because most of us never quite understood that those two minutes of speed-up footage represented months or years of training day in and day out. The last post also mentioned it: fundamentals are key.

My kickboxing coaches flew to LA this Easter to train with a living legend. These guys are not people you mess with, they are former world champions, have trained their entire lives and really know their stuff. This man had them going back to fundamentals. And you might think that that’s disrespectful but you’d be wrong. These guys had gotten to the top of their game but could and did still improve on the fundamentals. Here you had fighting machines being taught how to throw a jab and a straight punch. All I can say is that they came back better than they left. It’s the perfection of your straight punch that’s going to knock out your opponent, not that fancy flying-triple-roundhouse-kick.

Zoom-focus on the fundamentals: Drink water, eat real food, and stick to simple exercises. This is what leads to greatness!

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