Want It More

The Best Want It More!

Not only do the best know exactly what they want, they also want it more. How do you measure how much you want something? You can’t. Desire is not measurable, furthermore desire is not that same as “wanting it more”. Everyone has the desire to be great but not everyone achieves great things. What’s the reason for this?

The difference between desire and “wanting it more” is action. Wanting it more/enough demands action which is what’s going to make you truly great.

“…God made you to strive for greatness. But here’s the difference. The best of the best are willing to do what it takes to be great. The best don’t just think about their desire for greatness, they act on it. They have a high capacity for work. They do the things others won’t do, and they spend more time doing it. When everyone else is sleeping, the best are practising and thinking and improving … The best take action that demonstrates their greater desire.”

So now that you both know what you want and want it more you can start taking action!

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Yours truly, Christian Rosenvold

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