The Dark Side of Fat Loss

My friend and mentor Sean Croxton just released his first ever book a few weeks ago. If you don’t want to read this entire review this is the take home message; it’s amazing, go read it!

The Dark Side of Fat Loss, as the book is appropriately named, shines some “underground darkness” on the much-debated topic of fat loss. However if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’re probably familiar with Sean Croxton and his views on fat loss and health. If you’re not you need to go watch some of his videos right now. Sean believes that fat loss is a result of healthy living, NOT the other way around i.e. You become healthy to loose fat, contra to the common opinion of loosing fat to become healthy.

This book tells you about all the knitty gritty science behind healthy (and unhealthy) living but in a way which is easy to understand. It is a true page turner which will inspire you to take action and become the person you want to be.

Sean’s views are different (to say the least) to common notion, but to quote Oscar Wilde “Everything popular is wrong”. Sean has spent his life in pursuit of the truth about health all whilst working with real people which has allowed him to test his theories and findings. There are very few people whom I really trust. Sean is one of them! Although he wants you and I to challenge him and continue our own search for the truth, it just so happens that I believe his book is a great starting point for our own search.

Oh I almost forgot the best part; I’m in it! Sean gives you a recipe book which makes it easy for you to prepare real and nutritious food. It contains over 80 recipes submitted by people from all around the world, of which 1 is mine.

Get it here :)

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Yours truly, Christian Rosenvold


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