Burning Desire & Faith

We’ve talked about what motivates you before, and why it’s important to know. Your motivation is rooted in something deep within you. Something important and significant to you. You need to know these reasons or have them so deeply rooted that nothing will get you off track, in order to achieve your goal. These emotions, these pure reasons all combine into your inner flame, or should I say raging fire?

This burning desire for something is what’s going to get you through those tough times. It’s often confused with initial enthusiasm but it’s oh so very different. It’s like a good friend, it’s always there when you need it and even when you don’t want it. It’s the fuel which keeps you going, and eventually it will become a constant which you can lean on for support.

Faith is the other component to success. This is trusting that your burning desire and, perhaps, some greater power will get you where you want to go. Once you’ve set your goal it is trusting that you’re plan will work and that you will achieve it. I know from personal experience that this has worked.

In my initial transformation I had set a goal: I wanted to weigh around 82 kg with a single digit body fat %, in a year. After having gone through the process of setting the goal, in which defined exactly what I wanted, why I wanted it, and how I was going to get it, I simply turned on my inner desire, started following my plan, forgot about my goal but had faith that I would achieve it. About one year later I felt that I had made some real progress and took some photos to post on a forum which I’d been posting on. I went back to my old post where I’d originally posted my goal a year earlier, and realised that without thinking about it I had reached my goal EXACTLY as planned. My faith hadn’t let me down and my burning desire had kept me on course.

So what’s your reason? Find your burning desire and have faith that it’ll carry you to your goal!

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Yours truly, Christian Rosenvold

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