The Power of Visualisation

I hope you’ve had a great summer. I certainly know I have! After having gone through the stress of exams I’ve been able to enjoy late nights with bonfires by the lake, a wonderful trip to the states where I got to teach my brother to surf, made a ton of wonderful new friends and learned about global leadership.

Well onto the post: There’s been a lot of talk about the power of visualisation, the law of attraction and the famous movie “the secret”. It’s a topic that is of great interest to me since it allows you to take control of your life. This post isn’t about the abstract concepts of the law of attraction or about the principles of quantum physics, although interesting, I don’t know enough about these topics to write about them. Instead I want to tell you a story.

A few months ago I was in the gym as usual. I was stressed out about my exams, tired from not having slept enough and unable to focus. It goes without saying that I wasn’t performing at my best. As I rested the dumbbells on my knees I felt frustrated. I’d just missed 5 reps on my shoulder presses. This was not how I usually work out and it definitely wasn’t how you grow.

I closed my eyes, got in the zone, vividly pictured myself lifting the dumbbells to my shoulders. I took a deep breath, pictured myself lifting the weight, while I exhaled. I did this 10 times until I had completed my 10 reps, in my mind. By that time 60 seconds had passed and I had to do it for real. That time I was focused and knew I could lift the weights, since I’d just done it in my mind. It goes without saying that I did the 10 reps easily.

This was a true epiphany for me since just 60 second earlier I hadn’t been able to do 5 reps, and now I could do more than 10. With just the power of visualisation I had doubled my strength in 1 minute.

I’ve always believed that the power of visualisation works. Now I know from experience that it works in the gym. Time to start practising it in the rest of my life. I encourage you to try this whenever you feel challenged. Focus, visualise, and live it out in your mind, then chances are you can do it in real life.

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Yours truly, The Fitness Motivator

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