Kill Your Scale!

Scales suck! They’re usually ugly, the carriers of bad or confusing messages and they are the cause of much despair, especially amongst you women out there. For a lot of people stepping onto the scale and adjusting one’s mood according to the number displayed by the small screen besides one’s feet is a common morning ritual. (scroll to the bottom to view video)


Now I’m all for measuring one’s progress. In fact I have loads and loads of excel files all documenting my progress; from the weight I lift in the gym to the size of my calves at a specific time on a specific date. Measurements are a wonderful way to track progress, analyse what’s working and what isn’t and then of course adjusting accordingly to achieve the best results possible.

Short Biology Lesson

You’re body is made up of approximately 80% water, you consume approximately 2000 calories a day, you drink at least 2 l. of water a day etc. The fact that 80% of your body weight is water means that you sweating or going to the bathroom can decrease your weight dramatically. The consumption of food also adds weight immediately, and the digestion of food taxes your system. Top that with daily activity and you’ll realise that your body weight fluctuates quite dramatically throughout the day and from day-to-day depending on your activities, eating habits etc.


These fluctuations can be extremely demotivational, frustrating and stressful. Let’s be honest with ourselves: We’re all doing this to look better so at the end of the day what we see in the mirror is all that matters, not what the freaking scale says! So instead of going on the scale every morning, have a look at yourself in the mirror and don’t be too harsh on yourself. If you want to track progress then do it weekly, at the same time on the same day, making sure that you get the most accurate results.

Anyway enough babbling from me. My good friend who I look up to with great admiration, Sean Croxton, says it all in this video:

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