How To Take One Step At A Time

We always hear that we need to take one step at a time, and that we can’t rush into change. I don’t necessarily agree completely with this since I think it’s entirely possible to make dramatic changes in a very short period of time. However, there’s no doubt that the easiest and most sure-fire way to make change is to take one step at a time, and having those steps be small.


So why should we take one step at a time? Making lasting change i.e. developing habits is quite hard. It requires self-discipline, motivation and to some extent courage. To make a truly lasting change we need to develop habits, and to develop a habit we need to change habits. This takes time and is difficult. So just making small changes, which move you in the direction of your goal and ultimately a new habit, is a lot easier.

“Inch by inch life’s a cinch, yard by yard life’s hard”


How to take one step at a time is really quite easy: You identify your goal, find out what you have to do to accomplish it (smaller goals, or baby steps), then each week (day, month or even year) you focus on just one “baby step”. The good news is that this is very easy, and you’ve already done it if you’ve read this post.

E.g. when I got back from Australia my lifestyle wasn’t the way it needed to be in order for me to reach my goal. So I evaluated what I needed to do to get back on track and did the following: On the first week I focused purely on eating clean and having good meal cadence. On the second week I focused purely on getting to bed on time. And this week I’m focusing purely on getting enough water. The key here is that after the first week I’ve established the habit of eating clean, so on the second week I’ll be eating clean and going to bed on time, then by the third week I’ll be eating clean, getting enough sleep and staying hydrated. That means that in just three weeks, without much difficulty I’ll have completely fixed my lifestyle again.

Take a Step

I challenge you to make a change in your life. To step away from the sidelines of life and instead be the person who’s doing the damn thing! To take control of your life, your body and your happiness. Use these new tools as a loaded spring to catapult you up to your full potential.

Do this right now! Find out what you need to focus on and take action! This week you’ll be focusing on ___________. If you’re hesitating right now then ask yourself this; do I really want this? Because I’m telling you, if you want it bad enough then you’ll do ANYTHING to get it. And trust me it’s worth it! So now it’s up to you, do you want it, and will you take this first step?

Post your goals and steps below so we can all be inspired to strive for something better.

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Thank you for reading.

Yours truly, The Fitness Motivator

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