Do What You Enjoy

This post is all about doing what you like to do, because life’s too short to waste on doing stuff that you hate. It’s a lot easier to be motivated to do something which you enjoy than having to motivate yourself to doing what you don’t like.

How did I realise this?

It’s taken me a while to realise this, since I’ve been quite good at pressuring myself into doing things that I didn’t really like to do. While I’ve been in Australia I’ve been surfing a Surfing Lineuplot and really realised that it was good for my mind, soul and body. On top of that I’ve had some gruelling workouts in the gym and in between almost fainting and wanting to quit I’ve thought to myself; “I really love this”. Both surfing and working out are things that I look forward to, that I enjoy doing and that bring me closer to my goals.

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it” Greg Anderson

Finding what you like

You may not know what forms of exercise you like. Let me help you by giving you this simple tip: Try everything! That’s the only way you’ll ever find out. It’s fun because you get to try new things all the time which gives you an exciting life, and if you don’t like it; just move on. But don’t take that too literally. Give things an honest try, and accept that you’re not going to be good at first but see if you’re going to like it or if you can learn to like it. When I first started training I didn’t think it was very fun but now I’ve learned to love it. The first time I went surfing I got hammered and was sh*t scared of the sea, now I love it more than anything.

Go do it!

I hope this post inspired you to find something which you really like, and do it. The burning desire to do something which you enjoy is far more powerful than some motivating YouTube video or any other traditional motivation. Joy and happiness beat all other emotions and if you can find something that brings you those two, then not only are you a fortunate person; you are well on your way to achieving some magnificent results!

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