Learn From Failure

I’ve talked about why failure is good before but today I want to talk more about why and how we should embrace failure as a friend.

What is failure?

Failure is when we attempt something and ‘fail’ to achieve it, i.e. when we don’t achieve it.

This guy didn't fail, he found one way not to ride his bike

Society has made it into this great big thing which must be avoided at all costs. Sites like fail blog portray people who “fail” at doing something.In some cases there may be arguments pointing towards them being actual idiots but that doesn’t mean that their failure is a bad thing, not at all.

Embracing failure

I was recently in Norway snowboarding and on my first run I hadn’t even gone 3 m before falling. At the time I felt like a complete idiot and I could practically imagine myself on one of those fail blog pictures. Well I got back up, regained my confidence and rode down the slope without any problems. As the week progressed I got more and more daring and started going down more and more challenging off-piste sections and bigger jumps, in other words I went outside my comfort zone and pushed myself further and further. Sometimes this meant that I fell and hurt myself, heck a couple of times I crashed spectacularly underneath the lifts and was laughed at by the people in the lifts. But I was happy that I fell; it just meant that I’d expanded my comfort zone and that I’d stepped just over the limit, next time I did the run I wouldn’t fall and that would mean progress which consequently meant that every time I fell, or failed, I got a little bit better.

These last couple of weeks I’ve been surfing a lot and the same thing has happened. I’ve pushed myself, fallen, gotten back up, been stoked about the wave and thankful for the lesson learned, then paddled back out and learned some more.

Get back up

Like I described before the key to learning from failure is to get back up and try again but keeping the lesson learned in mind. I once did Taekwondo and the thing I best remember was the picture of a rocking-doll which we had on the wall. It symbolised resilience, the ability to get back up after being knocked down. No matter how hard you push these things they’ll always bounce right back up. And that’s the true key to success: Failure and the ability to get back up and learn from it.

“Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm” Winston Churchill

That’s exactly what this video’s about; getting up and finishing strong.

Love failure

So learn to love failure, not because it’s nice to fail but because it’s nice to get back up and have learned and progressed. Everytime you fail you’re one step closer to succeeding!

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Yours truly, The Fitness Motivator

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