Avoiding Temptation

Temptation is an ugly thing. Sometimes we can control it and sometimes we can’t. In this post I’ll talk about why we usually can’t but more importantly, how we can control it.


Temptation can occur anywhere and anytime but we usually fall through and give in to temptation when we’re tired, hungry, or weak in some other way. We avoid our workout, eat unhealthy “food” or in some other way do something which ultimately doesn’t get us any closer to our goals.

The man on the horse

Our brain is made up of a couple of brain-systems: The neo cortex which is the “new”-smart brain and the limbic brain which is the “old”-dumb survival brain. The neo cortex is the brain which made the commitment to achieve your goals and it therefore thinks rationally and doesn’t want to give into temptations that’ll keep you from your goals.

The limbic brain is the survival brain. It wants to survive and it wants short-term satisfaction. The limbic brain has been with us for millions of years and is the reason our species has survived for so long.

Unfortunately our neo cortex isn’t the dominant brain: The relationship between the two systems can be compared to a man and his horse. The neo cortex is the man on the horse and the limbic system is the horse. And we all know that a man is weaker than a horse so if the horse really wants something there’s nothing the man can do about it.

How to control temptation

So with this analogy in mind we can come to the conclusion that we should avoid temptation as much as possible. That is the simplest way of not giving in to it. If there’s nothing unhealthy around then you’re not going to eat anything unhealthy. It’s as simple as that. Another great way to avoid giving in to temptation, if you’re in the situation where it’s present, is to ask yourself this question: Is this going to get me closer to my goal, or farther from my goal?

So now I’ve explained why temptation is dangerous and how to overcome it. I hope you use this knowledge to excel and achieve your goals!

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