What The Best Do Better

Last weekend I read a book called “Training Camp – What The Best Do Better Than Training CampEveryone Else“. In short: it was great! It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book so quickly. It took me less than a day to read it, it was that interesting.

Read on to learn the 11 secrets to greatness!

It’s a story about a very talented football player who attends training camp to get signed for an NFL team. Unfortunately he gets injured in his first game and has to fight to recover and stay at training camp. He’s fortunate to meet two people who help him deal with his injury and condition his mind.

His injury forces him to stay off the field but in the mean time he trains his mind and learns what it means to strive for greatness. There’s so much great stuff in this book that it’s hard to sum it up in one short review. This book changes the lives of a lot the people who read it. If you’re serious about, not just achieving your goals, but striving for greatness then I can not recommend this book enough for you.

Here are the 11 things that the best do better than everyone else:

  1. the best know what they want
  2. the best want it more
  3. the best are always striving to get better
    1. they are willing to endure uncomfort
  4. the best do ordinary things better than everyone else
  5. the best zoom-focus
    1. tune out distractions
  6. the best have mental toughness
  7. the best overcome their fears
  8. the best seize the moment
  9. the best tap into a power greater than themselves
  10. the best leave a legacy
  11. the best make everyone around them better

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Thank you for reading.

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