Remind yourself of your goal

This week I wanted to give you a quick tip that you can use on your journey towards a better body. When I started my transformation I learned a few things:

  1. Have dedicated cloths for working out, things tend to get smelly
  1. Have some physical thing constantly reminding you of your goal

You probably know about the first tip but the second is more important in being Remindermotivated. When I bought my workout clothes I deliberately purchased the shirts one size too large to remind myself that I wanted to grow. That way when I was in the gym and I felt tempted to use a little less weight I’d look at my arms and see that they didn’t fill out the shirt, and consequently pick a heavier weight.

Another way I remind myself of my goal is to walk around shirtless at home (when it’s not cold). That way I feel good when I eat healthfully and it keeps me from snacking on bad foods.

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Yours truly, The Fitness Motivator

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