Why Are You Doing This?

What do you think you’re doing trying to change something in your life? Do you think your body wants to change? Do YOU even want to change?

These are all important questions because when the going gets tough you’ll fail unless you know why you’re doing this.

So why are you doing this? Ask yourself this question and write down the answer along with your goal. You may be going to the gym 3 times a week to lose 10 kg of fat but that reason alone is not enough. It’s not going to get you to the gym when you’ve had a bad day and it’s cold and rainy outside. No, to get to the gym on that day you need a stronger reason. So ask yourself this question: why do I want to achieve my goal?. When you have an answer for that ask yourself this question: why do I want that?. Keep doing this until you have your deep emotional reason.

“It’s not the walls of a house but the space they contain that you appreciate the most. Just like it’s not the physique itself but the emotions and feelings it gives you that are of importance” Christian Rosenvold

You need to uncover your true reason for doing something. This is personal so don’t be scared to dig deep and find those emotions and feelings that you want to achieve by achieving your fitness goal.

Thank you for reading.

Yours truly, The Fitness Motivator

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